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Originally Posted by sailingfool

I think once a boat gets over 10 years, its all a question of maintenance and refits, if you start with a quality boat...
I consider the IPs too slow for use as a sailboat (this comment should get some action...) but I put more of a premium on sailing performance than others may chose to.
SF, thanks for the link to the Bristol.

I think you might be right about boats over 10 years of age. As noted in my post above, Daniel Spurr also indicated that after 10 years you can't rely on the sails, rigging, and engine being in good shape simply because of youth. Evaluating the quality of maintenance and refits becomes cruicial, and I've very happy to have ever receipt for all the work done on my '73 sailboat.

As for IPs, keep spreading that "too slow for anything" thought. It might make it easier for me to own one. I'm not defending IPs, but the reviews and the general satisfaction (and ongoing purchases) of owners makes me think the drawbacks are exaggerated. Even John Neal on the Mahina page notes that they are "Roomy & comfortable with good tankage & storage but some odd features. Improving every year. Good value." If they were as bad as some suggest, I don't think they'd be on his list at all. I'm keeping an open mind, for now.

As for the Bristol, I have a slight bias against centerboard boats. Here on the left coast, they seem pretty rare, and I was surprised that 2 of the 3 Tartan 37s I've come across here have had the fixed, deep keel instead of a centerboard. It just seems that over time the centerboard is going to take extra effort and repairs, and even Tigger the Tartan 37 that circumnavigated eventually glassed theirs in the up position to be done with it. I'm not sure the benefits would be worth the hassle, especially as the system ages.


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