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The concept of navigation?

Originally Posted by sfchallenger View Post

Respectfully, you should think a little bit about the concept of navigation. Yes, sure, fine, blow up all the rocks, remove all the bridges, while you're at it, why not get rid of all the pesky shorelines out there, god forbid someone should run aground! Perhaps we can just melt all the polar ice-caps, ridding us of this dry-land problem once and for all. After all, wasn't WaterWorld with Kevin Costner awesome?

The point is, that even with the rocks and bridges *that are already clearly marked or outside of the shipping lanes* removed, there would still always be something for some incompetent pilot to run into. Accidents are accepted as a daily consequence of driving cars around. I'm not suggesting that every reasonable measure possible couldn't or shouldn't be taken to avoid accidents due to poor pilotage, but the idea that we should just blow up any possible obstruction, especially those outside of shipping channels is simply ludicrous. If you disagree, feel free to take your Zodiac and dynamite out and by all means, please report back on your excellent success. Tell the powers that be that you're more informed than they are and in a better position to make these judgements. I'm sure it'll be an interesting story to tell your cellmate.Thanks,
"Respectfully", that is probably the most condescending, ridiculous response I have ever read in this forum! You might want to "think a little bit" about what you are saying before responding! Remove bridges and shoreline? Blow up any possible obstruction? No one has suggested any such thing in this thread! I specifically identified two potential navigational hazards for discussion. I then provided an example of an accident that occurred involving a much more obvious obstacle, to support my concern. Lastly, I have suggested that IMO the two rocks in question ARE CLEARLY in a "shipping lane" and are not "marked". I provided a chart to support my opinion. No one has specifically disputed my interpretation of the chart. If my "concept of navigation" is incorrect on that specific point, please enlighten me. Otherwise, stop stating it is not true.
So please...."think a little bit" before responding. Realize that not responding when you have nothing constructive to add to the discussion is always an option. Sometimes less is more!

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