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Originally Posted by hellosailor
Interesting that Oz defines it that way, but is that just "your sovereign /vs/ my sovereign" or is there some international or UN convention that also defines it that way?
The international standard is established through the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Radio Regulations. These are typically incorporated into local legislation and then into local regulatory documents.

For example, in the US Federal Communications Commission regulations, Sub Part G (Safety Watch Requirements and Procedures) of Part 80 in Subchapter D [no I'm not a lawyer] contains the following:
"s80.314. . . . international radio telephone distress signal consists of the word MAYDAY . . . . . . indicate that a mobile station is threatened by grave and imminent danger and requests immediate assistance."

"s80.327. . . The urgency signal indicates that the calling station has a very urgent message to transmit concerning the safety of a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle, or the safety of a person . . . . the urgency signal consists of three oral repititions of the group of words PAN PAN . ."
On the US Coastguard site for boating there is the following:
"PAN-PAN (pronounced pahn-pahn) is used when the safety of a boat or person is in jeopardy.
Man-overboard messages are sent with the PAN-PAN signal."
Similar localised legislation and regulation exists in Australia aswell, as I'm sure it does in other 'member states' of the ITU.

Originally Posted by Sasha_V

Of course, we are likely to be in agreement, He is a local and I think we may have done our radio operators tickets at the same place (Sandringam Coast Guard, by any chance, Graham?). I also think I recognise the name of your boat and may have seen it in my forays to Hastings.
You got it in one! And I'm off to Hastings soon for a day on Western Port :-)

Hakuna Matata
(No worries mate!)
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