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Originally Posted by BubbleheadMd View Post
Originally Posted by JimMcGee View Post
I'll buy that, but not everyone stocking up is a left coaster.

I'm curious why people have made that decision. Not throwing stones. Curious.
I live near Annapolis and I keep a store of food on hand. Like I said, cases of MRE's and jugs of water. Why?

Hurricane Isabel ring any bells? The hurricane last summer (I forget the name) killed power for everyone around me for nearly 2 weeks.

I'm on a well, so if I lose power, I have no electricity to pump the water. No electric stove either. I have the boat's alcohol stove and a propane and charcoal grill for cooking. Grocery stores cleaned out, etc.

FEMA advises having a few days of canned foods and jugged water stored in your house. It seems like common sense. I can't understand why preparedness seems to baffle you.
I'm not baffled at all, just curious. But you seem to have misunderstood my question.

I think most people have a reasonable supply of food and emergency supplies in their home -- and if I were you I'd have a generator and a supply of stabilized gas for that well.

My question has nothing to do with what you have at home, it's this. If you're not doing a long term cruise why stockpile several months worth of food on board your boat?
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