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In all seriousness though, PDQ brings up something to think about, before one goes aloft again. For example, you may have 3 or 4 "spare" halyards on the mast, any of which could be used to descend on, with a spare biner, descending device and/or the proper knowhow to make a munter hitch, and transfer your weight to the spare line. (with another spare line attached as a backup vis a prusik knot). But, and this is a "big but", if they are all fastened hard at the mast base and tensioned (per normal), then you will not be able to use them to desend on, as you will not be able to get any slack in them to make a munter hitch, or pass through a rapell device.
So, make it a habit to loosen a couple of halyards, with at least a foot of slack (and make sure the other end is tied off safely.
Practice going up the mast 3 or 4 ft off the ground and pretend to be stuck. Now, do you have the spare equipment and knowhow to transfer safely and descend (and at no time trusting your weight to only one line ( ie no backup).
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