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Anyway after looking at my track again I think I see a leaning opportunity.

I did the vectors on my chart based on wind of 280 and current at 2 knots from the west.
Based on that leg 2 should have been closer to North rather than the 50 degrees I got.

I didn't keep a log, it was just a fun night sail, mybad, but I knew I had only the genny up for leg 1 and furled to 100 percent. Leg two I don't remember. I'm pretty sure I didn't put the main up until leg 3 when I started to try to get back in earnest.

Anyway leg 2 at 50 instead of 0 is a bit of a puzzle.
Maybe the wind was closer to 320
Can I expect to loose a bunch of degrees with only the jib up.
The waves were pushing the bow off I'm sure loosing some more degrees.
Notice the shoal going from 100 feet to 7 feet. I wonder if the current is a little faster on the edge of the shoal?

All in all I was trying to go west and it looks like everything, wind, waves, current, shoal and my own misjudgment was pushing me east.

Like I said I was expecting to be off by a bit but I really wanted to stay on leg 2 for a while as I was making 8 knots over ground for part of it and it was fun.
The surprise was how I lost a whole two miles plus east in only half an hour.

So in summary:
Is it your experience that you loose 10 degrees plus of upwind performance when using the jib only?

If everything is against you, wind, waves, current and you have to reef is a 160 degree tack angle not surprising, IE almost no upwind progress?

Every boat is different of course, this was a Catalina 25

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