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Originally Posted by Letrappes View Post
Thanks Hylite. I bought the boat off a guy who was refitting with the intention of sailing around the world. It was in a general disarray due to this though a solid boat. I took it out this weekend and pretty much singlehanded other than docking the trip from the dock to the gulf twice which is roughly 30 miles each way. Thanks to the autopilot, I can trim, furl and reef without help which is great. I really like how fast it is and loved having to reef the sails in order to keep from overtaking a large freighter and tugs in the narrow channel. That's a wind shadow I don't want to go through. The girl loves that I can run the boat alone while she enjoys the sun and some fishing.

Does anyone know a logical order for the lines running on the cabin top to the clutches? I had to run most of them but am trying to figure out if the outhaul, Vang and reefs might have been run there originally. I currently have the Genoa and two spin halyards, main halyard and sheet running aft in the eight slots.

Would any of you be near Lake Charles? There's a Beneteau First 42 on my dock but I've never seen the owner.
On our boat, the lines are, from Starboard to port at the aft end of the coach roof:

Starboard Side of Companionway:

Foreguy (or tack line for asymmetrical when rigged)--Solid Blue;
Secondary Jib Halyard--Blue with White Tracers;
Main Halyard--Marked with 1st, 2nd and 3rd Reef Points--Green w/White Tracers;
Vang Down-haul--White with Green Tracers

Port Side of COmpanionway:

Mainsheet--Green with white tracers;
Secondary Main Halyard--White with Green Tracers;
Spinnaker Pole Topping Lift--Red with Blue Tracers;
Primary Jib Halyard--Blue with White Tracers;

At the Mast:

The Primary Spinnaker Halyard--Black with Red Tracers--is led to the Starboard Deck winch;
The Secondary Spinnaker Halyard--Black with Red Tracers--is led to the Port Deck winch;

At the boom, from starboard to port:

1st Reef--Red with White Tracers;
Main out-haul--White with Green/Black Tracers;
2nd Reef--White with Red Tracers;
3rd Reef--White with Blue Tracers (we normally only rig the 3rd reef when we're taking the yacht off-shore);

Our Running Backs are 1/4" Spectra with the covers stripped off for all but the last 15 feet and are passed through turning blocks at pad-eyes on the quarters and led to the secondary winches. When we need the runners, we don't need the Secondaries for the Spinnaker Sheets/After Guys. When Running off we also lead preventer lines from the boom end to snatch-blocks on the lee toe-rail adjacent to the Chain plates and then back to the secondaries via the top sheaves on the foot-blocks adjacent to the Primaries. This holds the boom in place and allows us to fit a snatch block on the boom end to take the jib sheet to get a fair lead on the jib. I rig a trip line to the snap shackle on the snatch block and the back along the boom to the mast so I can simply haul on the trip line and pop the shackle free at the boom end that frees the sheet and lets the snatch block run down the sheet to the deck to the fair-lead where it can be removed easily.


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