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While in Lowe's a while back, I heard a female associate ask a customer if he needed help. The guy told her he wanted to look at the scroll saws. With a most polite, friendly, and helpful attitude she told him they were "right over here" and led him right to them. He said thanks, he wanted to look for now so the girl went back to what she was doing nearby.

I remember this because in just a minute the guy called her back over, said he wanted to buy this certain saw, and asked what type of blades the saw used. Of course, she didn't know so the guy got all huffy about it. I mentioned to them both that it should say on the box whether it needed pin or straight, some will even accept both. A male associate showed up at that time, didn't know either, and had to read the box carefully to find the info.

Two things struck me about the incident.

1. Even though the girl knew they sold scroll saws and even led the guy right to them, he got pissed because she didn't know the specific details (blade type) of one particular item out of the thousands that Lowe's carries.

2. While the guy was man enough to become huffy and borderline rude to this girl when she didn't know the answer to his question, he was NOT man enough to act that way with the male associate, a rather fit looking fellow, when he didn't know either.

Personally, I think if you had asked at the counter if they sold battery cable, they could have took you to it but to expect them to know the specific details of that particular wire off the top of their head was probably asking too much. Did the labeling on the wire spool specify whether it was tinned? They did look up and give you an answer, after all.

And no, I do not work for WM. I would be lucky to remember every little item that is stocked on the shelves, let alone every detail of each item in the store. Just as the associate at Lowes had probably never used a scroll saw before, the associates that inspired your wrath had probably never wired a boat before.
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