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Great posts Bryce. Really brilliant.

During this thread, I've been wondering of you could tie an anchor to a pair of 60 foot lines, suspended from each midship cleats, to act as sort of an underwater mast when anchored. The weight of the anchor keeping the lines taught, combined with the angle of the lines would provide increased rotational inertia, especially for low angles of motion. There would be some additional dampening added by the anchor in the water (which I'm visualizing would keep the anchor from enscribing perfect arcs during rolling).

And the lower center of gravity of this "mast" wouldn't make for increased roll amplitude due to top-heaviness.

What do you think?

----- EDIT -------

I think I answered my own question. Without a rigid mast underwater, the configuration would act very similar to simply placing the anchor on top of a midships cleat. If you could re-purpose your spinnaker pole for this purpose, it could be very interesting. (Clip one end to your anchor roller, run taut lines to forward cleats on both sides, and clip the other end to your anchor.)

But if you are going to that trouble, hoist the anchor aloft with those 60 foot lines tied to the bottom of it and then tied to the midships cleats. The lines would keep the anchor from banging around up there, and you'd have your full 60 foot distance for maximum effect.

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