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Pair a Docs

Originally Posted by FreeSail View Post
My wife and I are both dentists. We have been working for the last 12 years...
Very cool. I'm a DDS n a different boat. My wife divorced me when I told her I wanted to sell the to practices and circumnavigate. I've been looking at Catamans for about two years now (I owned a 1935 36' wooden monohull liveaboard in Daytona for 5 years at the turn of the century). I like the Cats because 1) they don't heel, spilling your beer under sail, they are more roomy and the living room, bar and back porch are all on the same floor and 2) Chicks dig #1. Well at least non-sailing, or newbie Skipperettes do. I also like no having to pay Seatow when a sand bar shifts after a blow preventing one from making it to ones fav drinking establishment until the tide comes in.

Anyway.. The Cats I like for single handing are in the 36'-42" range, and the ones I keep coming back to are the Manta 42' or 45' with its self tacking jib and the davit mounted sling seat and the large double helm seat when you are sailing with your baby. I like the S.African boats (Jaguar 36, Leopards 38'-'45) because there are alot of them out there in bareboat fleets and you can get a bargain used one if you look enough for one that's not been abused. You are looking at $350 +/- $100 for new or used. or even under $200. The Mantas even come with a Wash/Dryer, so lots of bails and whistles, well made, great layout, and that self tacking Jib makes it easy. for someone learning or short hand situ's
Recently I found a nice Prout that I probably would buy today. Fits my bill @ 39', $180K, Super large U shaped seating in the salon, that three (or more) could lay one (also makes a bed when the table is down), which is a consideration, as some rounded couches won't let you lay strait. the prout also has a smaller main sail and is stepped more aft, and can run with a staysail and a head sail.. giving you lots of canvas size options and helps newer sailors from getting overpowered if caught with huge main full in a micro squall or blast... which happens. One other note.. there has never been a reported incident of a Prout capsizing. 39' multi = 50' mono when considering stowage and roominess.

And finally A Monohull that I Like is the new Beneteau Sense 50' At ~E250.00 New (1st year new). It is wide (15.8' wide), has lots of room, can order the cabin in a 3.5 bed or 2.5 bed and large "office" version, and the Transom folds down like a station wagon tailgate , so you can tangle your tootsies of the back porch. PLUS, and this is the kicker.. it has a bow thruster that is set up with a joystick that makes docking in any weather an easy one man job. Personally I would do a 50' mono if I knew I could dock it myself routinely, and not have to count on yelling instructions to a new girlfriend and having her complain that I'm always yelling at her. I would much rather "park" with cocktail in hand and my honey in good spirits.

Thats my two cents worth, more like a $1.95 Write me. I'd like to see where you are in your journey. I'm hoping to relocate to Malta and sail the Med pulling teeth for diesel and Ice cube money.
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