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Edit Post Button Gone....?

I woke up this morning and noticed that the button has vanished on my older posts. I wanted to update a couple of dead links and replace an image in a post in the CS Yachts thread but, no can do???

I sent a "report post" message to the mods very early this morning and as of yet have had not one response? At this point, with no response, I feel bringing this to the community is the only option I have..

As one who tries very hard to keep his posts, both old and new, as accurate and up to date as possible, which very often means fixing speling & gramaticul errors (that was on purpose) as well as fixing dead links etc. I have valued the feature we have ALWAYS HAD on SailNet.

Many of my posts are posts that get added onto in the future as testing or other experiments I do unwind and the original post hopefully GROWS in value

For example just today I added to this post HERE. As you can see where it says EDITED 3/3/2012 to add...

For SOME of us the feature is a CRITICAL tool in the shed to keeping information current!!!

PLEASE tell me we are NOT going down the road of Cruisers Forum and the vast level of "distrust" for our members where we need to control their ability to , fix or update their posts when an old thread is revived years, days or months later..

Maybe I am the only one who fixes old post links or catches spelling errrros years later or who might see something to could have been worded differently to make it EASIER for a future reader to understand, and fixes it to reflect that..?

I also often respond from my phone and deal with fixes later in the day when I am at my home or laptop. I can't do this on CF. As of now CF is the only forum I participate on that treats its members with this much distrust & contempt. It is my hope that SN is NOT doing the same in terms of "baby sitting" its valued members.

We should always remember that we have the feature to prevent posts & threads from being "manipulated". All one has to do is use the feature and the original spelling errors and all will be captured in perpetuity. The feature 100% negates the need to lock us down and not allow us to control our own writings. It is intended to negate the need to baby sit our members by disallowing us full control our own posts.

If this is the way SN leadership has decided to move, I certainly HOPE it is NOT, I will be DRASTICALLY cutting back my posting on this site. I hope a few bad apples have not cause SN to go down the "distrust path". Having been here for about TEN YEARS it will be a sad exit. I like this place...

I post very infrequently on CF for this very reason. IMHO the gross levels of paranoia and distrust against its members is nothing short of offensive. I simply do not enjoy taking part in a community that is not built on TRUST and that treats its members this way. A community built on distrust of its members and that thrives on paranoia and ASSUMES all its members are slimy trolls out to manipulate the system is not a place I like to spend my time in. (sorry for the strong opinion).

Many who know me know that I am a mod and admin on another large sailing forum. On our boards we feel VERY, VERY strongly that our members are the ones to to have FULL CONTROL their posts, not the hosts. We have tools to deal with the .5% of members who try to be manipulators. We don not need to distrust and disrespect ALL our members by treating everyone this way.

I have enjoyed the ability to control MY posts on SailNet for nearly TEN YEARS!! Please do not let 2012 be the death of this site for me....

I hope I am wrong, and I wasted 15 minutes for nothing, and that this is nothing more than a glitch that will get fixed...

-Maine Sail / CS-36T

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