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Originally Posted by Faster View Post
OK... a few days back a 24 hour window of opportunity for editing was instituted primarily to avoid certain controversial threads ending up being disjointed affairs with posters deleting comments that had been reacted to leaving a bit of a mess and no continuity (not everyone uses the quote function). Obviously in retrospect there are unintended consequences..

It's the weekend, guys, and not everyone's easily available - please give us a couple of days to look at this thing again...
Now you know what it is like to be a congressperson. Unintended consequences of policies are a perennial problem for everyone.

I vote with allowing edits the way it has been.
Look at it this way.
1. If someone posts something controversial and want to take it back and do so, that hole in the thread tells us something important too.
2. Much of the time the deleted information is in another comment as a quote anyway.
3. How really sacred and important that every utterance if recorded for all time. Confusion from missing posts or edited posts are frankly a much less problem that poor grammar and spelling.
4. What is most important, that rants and controversial emotional stuff is preserved in in pristine ugliness. Or that truly educational posts with great information are kept current and easy to read?

There are always going to be exceptions and if a moderator wants to quote something just like any other user can who is to stop them.
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