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Re: Hunter 45ds vs Moody 45 ac

Originally Posted by Alfalotus44 View Post
My wife and I are planning to sail the world, leaving in about 4 years for about 4 years. Like many of you, new in the sailing world, we went to visit a few boatshows and talked to different sailors. I found out that there is no such thing as a perfect sailboat and that compromise is the key to choose a sailboat. My wife want a secure boat and a galley in a L shape. That eliminate a lot of sailboat. (And its a good thing because I won't have to buy the new Oyster 625). Am looking for new or lightly use confortable sailboat, strong, easy to sail with in mast furling, dual wheel, electric... and without a mainsheet anchor point on the floor. (That eliminate a lot of cruiser racer). But I want a boat that moves well. For 2011 model, for around 300K, we have lower the list to 2 sailboats; The Hunter 45 DS and the Moody 45 AC.

At that price I will have to buy the Moody in Europe, without much option and it comes with 220v.
For the same price I could buy the Hunter from a broker not far from home, with lots of equipment, Air con, bow truster, freezer etc
Does anyone have any knowledge of these sailboats? Please share.
I think you need to do an offshore passage of at least 7 days with some beating to windward involved. I am dead serious here you have NO IDEA what spending days at sea with only two people onboard involves.

1 you will not be helming, the autopilot or windvane will be doing that. The only time you might need to helm is if conditions are so bad 'george' can not cope then and trust me on this you will not want to be standing back there exposed to the elements, you will want to be tucked up under the dodger. What good are two wheels!

2 you will not be sleeping together in that nice centreline queen on passage except in the rarest of benign conditions, you will need a single 1/4 berth or single berth with a lee cloth.

3 you need to think about cooking with your galley at 30 degrees and jumping up and down every minute or so. How could you warm up a can of stew and make a hot drink without the risk of being scalded. This has happened to a fair number of cruisers some of which were very experienced.

4 electricity you are worried about the Moody being 220 volts ?? worry more about how you are going to generate electricity on passage solar? wind? towed? main engine driven alternator? seperate generator?

5 Air Con ??? think about hatches and dorades, what could you open at sea to keep some air moving through the boat without the risk of water coming on board.

6 looks ?? worry about handholds both above deck and below deck.

7 moves well by this I guess you want some speed ?? hmm be nice but I would ALSO want to be sure that it will heave too easily cos believe me at some point you will need to do that in a circumnavigation even on the milk run route.

I realise this may come across as harsh and as a bit of a rant but some of the advice you are getting seems to come from people who have not made a long passage with only two people on board.

Time for a reality check from one who is in his 10th year as FT liveaboard and who has crossed oceans.
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