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Re: All US Diesel for boats is red?

I whish the state road tax was .30, IIRC it is in the .4x range here in was st.

Marinas probably get different pricing depending upon the volume they do. My local is more than the local stations, except one, which is always .30-.40 more per gallon that a block or two away. I've heard from others in the local corner market stores that .10-.15 per gal, hope to sell 100K gals per month then they get some rebate.......

There is a marina south of me 30 miles, they go after a lot of YC cruise biz, and let folks know, they are the cheapest diesel in puget sound, so they say, show up with an empty tank and fill here! My marina has pretty small tank IIRC, then again, putting a super yacht in here would be a PITA, and anything over about 60-70' becomes interesting. Altho they do get two LARGE charter boats one evening for xmas tours, that takes some interesting maneuvering to get them in an out of the marina. The one south I mentioned could and can get bigger boats in.

Then again, one marina north of me, built a section for boats in the 50-150' range, with there own sewer and fuel pumps at there slip! you do pay a bit more for that convenience!

ANyway, this colored fuel issue is not a fun thing for the ave person, no matter the cost, what tax you pay or not pay. At some point in time, it would be nice if ALL the different countries/unions if that is the way to put it, would equalize the what color the diesel will be if x tax is/is not paid etc. Or be a bit less ornery if you the boater can prove thru recipts etc that the "wrong" color fuel came from X jurisdiction, proper tax paid etc. If not, then at the customs, be allowed to say, I bought x gals in the US of red diesel, need to pay VAT/Sales tax/road tax on the appropriate amount I will use in this jurisdiction. Otherwise, the jurisdiction has assumed we are guilty of trying to do an end run, when many or most times, most of us are probably not trying to not pay the appropriate tax.

For the UK folks, they get a discount on the tax paid, as it is assumed, some of the diesel will be used for heating the boat, other Western European countries do not approve of this practice....hence the issue over there. For folks like Paulo, no I am not trying per say to defend the UK, nor our practice over here. Obviously, there are a number of ways to color/tax fuels, which may not be equal in another country/jurisdiction. Which at the end of the day, could get us common folk in trouble, with out trying!


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