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Re: How to destroy a diesel in one easy step...

here's a great other way to buy yourself a new prop shaft key , prop shaft coupler, and gearbox, while w rrecking your summer vacation ...:

run your faithful OEM diesel engine for 30 years, ignoring its ever-increasing noise, as it vibrates its engine mounts down to thin shreds and throws off your prop shaft alignment so that your p shaft is whining, out of alignment and stressing against its retaining key.... then ignore the weird noises until your prop shaft coupling bolts break, your key shreds itself and your prop shaft, now unrestrained, floats out the back of your boat until it hits the rudder, at which time you realize you no longer have (1) any forward momentum (2) any rudder and (3) w ater pouring into your boat thru the stuffing box hole where your p shaft used to be firmly held. then you are forced to interrupt your cruise, because you have no workable engine or p- shaft or p shaft key. then hope to #$%^ that some mechanic in a foreign port you'll never visit again will interrupt his regular workload to (a) mill you a new prop shaft key (b) order you up a new coupler (c) fix your wrecked marine gearbox. and while you are at it, reject the mechanic's kind offer to replace your wornout engine mounts which is about $300 of cost and $150 of labor since every thing else is in pieces. and insist that he REINSTALL the same wornout engine mounts you've used for 30 years. and discount his advice to install a flexible coupling or aquadrive (recommended in case you are ever this stupid and cheap again) and further insult the local folks at the dock who allow as to how it might have been a good idea to at least CHECK the height of the engine mounts, and faceout of the p-shaft coupling, a t least every year ??

moral of the story:
check your prop shaft alignment and engine mount heights at least yearly. if the faceout on your p shaft coupling is increasing-- ie 'out' -- then do something about it or hire someone who knows what to do about it. or
figure out how to measure your own p - shaft face out and adjust your own engine mounts.

we try to help out visitors with mechanical troubles, but guys like this don't need to come back for the next century...
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