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Re: Mast tabernacle project

Forward dropping will likely make the balance point even further off the end of the boat. As a cheap backup, here is an idea you might consider if you are on land. Take three poles and lash them together in a tripod which you would stand on the ground to help hold up the overhanging mast end when inserting and removing the hinge pin. The tripod could be way out near the end, where it would only carry half the weight of the mast, or in closer to relieve more weight at the hinge. It would avoid a crushing weight at the bow pulpit.

I use tripods all the time, for support or lifting (like a well cover). There is a tripod holding up the ridge over one of my tarped in sailboats right now. I cut the size poles I need in the woods, and only buy some rope. Here is how I lash the tripod, it never slips (This actually is "an old Indian trick"!):

Lay two poles on the ground, side by side, touching. Take the third pole and make a large inverted "V" with the top end of the third pole crossing over the top ends of the two side by side poles. The top single pole has it's base to the right side, the double poles have their bases to the left side, when standing between them looking at the top of the inverted "V". Leave a bit of the poles sticking up beyond the crossing point. Tie the poles tightly together with a short, smallish diameter rope at the crossing point. Then take a long rope and tie that over the small rope, also binding the poles together, leaving a long end free (two half hitches).

Now stand the inverted "V" up, using the free end of the long rope to help pull it up, and swing the outermost pole of the two away from you. This opens the tripod, tightens the lashing, and interlocks the poles.

You can hang on the long rope for lifting, or rest the mast on the intersection of the poles at the top. By bringing the pole bases in or out, you can fine tune the height of the intersection. For major adjustment just re-lash the poles higher or lower.

If you are on pavement (I never am) you might need to tie the bases of the poles together at the correct spread, so they don't slip.

I can't visualize your "capture device" at the tabernacle, could you explain it a bit more? Thanks!

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