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Re: difficulty raising mainsail the last few feet

1. make sure mainsheet, vang, cunningham, etc. are free to run.
2. clean the track and apply lube (McLube or candle wax rubbed on)
3. replace 'thinned out' slugs / clean the 'slugs'
3a. after clean and lubed track, with binoculars, watch for slugs 'toggling' in the track - change the slug binding / slug shackle or slug binding tape or twine to let the slug become 'more free' in the track
4. If the halyard eye splice has become 'fatter' than original, with the binoculars, watch to see if the 'fattened' eyesplice is 'jamming' in the sheeve at the top of the mast. Put a mark AT the non-spliced part of 'working end' of the halyard, raise the halyard with 'rope' attached instead of sail and WATCH to see if the splice is or isnt 'jamming' in the top sheeve. If so, replace the halyard (next to impossible to make a new eyesplice in an 'old' line) and use smaller diameter but 'stronger' high tech halyard line.
5. Replace the 2 slugs that are attached to the 'headboard' with teflon coated, extra long, 'clew slugs'. If only 1 slug mounted to the headboard, add an additional slug ... as far away from the original slug as possible.
6. once the track is cleaned and dry-lubed and free of oxidation, bird ****, and mud daubers ... carve a paraffin candle to the exact diameter of the slug and put it between the top-two slugs in the track ... will lube the track every time you raise the sail.
7. If the track is worn out and corroded beyond the depth of the anodizing, and has LOTS of surface corrosion, roughness, etc., then consider an external StrongTrack system (VERY expensive).

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