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Re: A trip from NJ to S. America--Type, journey length, boat details?

Originally Posted by crazystrause View Post
You should check out this video.

Hold Fast from Moxie Marlinspike on Vimeo.

This was immensely helpful for my writing, a wonderful resource! It caused a small problem, though. Ever since watching, that tingling desire to get out on the water has become this overwhelming urge . . . so . . .

Originally Posted by Geoff54 View Post
Maybe if you post your location someone nearby will offer to let you look around his or her boat.
I'm in Philly.

But no car, so I can only get to places near where public transit can reach. At a stretch this would include NYC and a few places in NJ.

This statement is in contradiction with my usual Online Rules. But . . .

Originally Posted by FSMike View Post
If I were you I would first go physically look at some 35'+ sailboats. Sailors love to show off their boats, go ask 'em some questions.
. . . I tried to do this. How do I even get near the boats? Everything is behind big metal gates with lots of security cameras, and if I say I'm thinking of getting a boat (which I suddenly am, though it can only happen in a Hold Fast type of way) and want to see what kind of place it could live at, they don't allow me to wander without an escort, which isn't very conducive to engaging random sailors in conversation. Suggestions? (Or friends in the area? )

Originally Posted by CalebD View Post
The weather is it's own character as are the boat and the ocean.
You really owe it to yourself to at least hitch a ride on a sailboat in the 30 - ? foot range to see what it is like during the day time. At night it is a little more intense as you lose the visual horizon while the boat continues to move to the ocean swells (a calm ocean has 3' - 6' swells). Seeing the Milky Way and the stars at night is phenomenal if it is not coudy, as is the phosphorescence trails the boat leaves behind in warmer waters.
Thanks for (in addition to all your other information!) pointing that out. It's vitally important, and without the firsthand experience I wouldn't have noticed them properly.

You're right, I do--first to the book, but now also to myself. It sounds amazing. I'm trying to be patient, feeding my interest with blogs and books and videos, waiting for the regular season to start and clubs to have open houses so I can make friends and contacts, but my trademark virtue is currently eluding me--Sailing has literally invaded my dreams. And the story--Well, I write because I can't not. My stories are never patient.

Originally Posted by killarney_sailor View Post
OK, I will play, since I am a writer too, but not fiction.
Thank you! This is of great help.

Originally Posted by WDS123 View Post
A fellow with handle Joshua Slocum could Provider some insight - he sailed NJ -Brazil a few times with his Wife
Great. I'll PM him once I have enough posts.

Originally Posted by jameswilson29 View Post
You should. Post a "crew wanted" listing. If you survive the trip, you will have many accurate details for your book.

BTW, don't volunteer to be the "prisoner", even though you may have that experience with any crew position.
Hahaha! Unfortunately, for now writing isn't my only occupation, so available time is pretty limited. Upon seeing your suggestion I rocketed over to the listings to post . . . and then saw not only the ratio of crew:wanted, but notably the qualifications of those even who call themselves "beginner." Once my upcoming schedule is clarified I'll certainly give it a shot, as I *am* willing to work an unpleasant job for this experience, but considering my level of hands-on experience (zero) and the number of responses a very amenable-seeming and hard-working Central American with that same amount and no time limitations has gotten (zero), my hopes are not high.

Out of curiosity, is the likelihood of being taken on affected by gender?

Thank you again, everyone, for your excellent tips, links, and information!
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