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Re: Beneteau First 42 Manual

Originally Posted by Letrappes View Post
Thanks Hylite. I'll give K&N a call. I thought you had manually sized one and didn't realize it was already made up by them.

Beneteau sent me my new keel bolts after being on order about a month. I bought the tools to replace it which included a 1-3/16 socket. I cleaned up keel bolt and tried the socket on it and it's too large. I'm now worried they might have sent me the wrong size bolts. Anyone else experience this? I have taken a bolt out yet to determine bolt size and threads yet.

Assuming you have the shoal draft cast iron keel you need 16 M20 20mmx70mm "Dacromatized" Type 8-8 bolts. These will accept a 1-3/16" (i.e. 20mm) socket. If the 1-3/16" socket is too large and that is not due to erosion of the bolt heads, you may have M14 bolts (although I find that unlikely). Your VIN Number (on the upper starboard corner of your transom) should be all that Todd or Warren at BeneteauUSA need to ensure you have gotten the right bolts. If you have the M14 bolts, they need be tightened to an average torque of 50.5 ft-lbs (no less than 36 nor more than 65). If you have M20 bolts, the torque should be an average of 144.5 ft-lbs (no less than 94 nor more than 195). It is possible, but not likely, that you could have A4-70 or A4-80 stainless steel bolts, either M14, M20, or M24 size, but they would not show rusting as do the Dacromatized mild-steel bolts (i.e. they will not give you a warning before they fail).

For what it's worth, I have never heard of a First 42 suffering keel bolt failure and, in the case of our own boat, when we extracted 8 of 16 to replace during our last haul-out, they came out clean and dry and with the sealing compound that had been applied to the top 1/4 of the bolts in March of 1986, still clean, white and pliable, despite many years of hard sailing including at least one rough Trans-Atlantic crossing.

I will send you a Private Message (i.e. "PM") with my home email address and if you respond I will forward a data sheet on the replacement of the keel bolts. Trust me, it "ain't that big'a deal". Go sailing and stop worrying. The boat, like an old horse, will take care of itself (and you in the process).


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