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Re: Float Homes in British Columbia Bays

There are no boats anchored within park boundaries at Newcastle Island, as the entire park water lease is filled with mooring buoys, at $12 a night, on which your insurance expires any time the wind blows over 30 knots. Any boats you see there are outside park boundaries.
I think the problem is, when someone buys into the misconception that the more money you have, the happier you will be, sees their entire self delusion shattered, by seeing people living much happier lives, without their personal belief in money as the answer to all happiness, they would rather have government preserve the illusion, and destroy any clear evidence to the contrary, than have the basic beliefs they have based their entire lives on , be made such a mockery of, and so clearly proven dead wrong.. Every time they look out there , on their way to a job they hate, to settle mindless debt, it clearly demonstrates the folly and naivety of their values. They would rather hide the evidence than change their values. That would be admitting they may be wrong. Can't have that! When people are allowed to reduce the relevance of money in their lives, it disempowers money, and the power of those who have it.
That is their real problem.
The solution? Don't envy, emulate!
As Arthur Black so eloquently pointed out, envy is an admission that you have made a total screwup of your life. People who are content with their own lives, don't envy anyone with a good thing going. They simply say" More power to you. " Only the discontented envy.
So where is the logic in letting those who have made a total screwup of their own lives, tell the rest of us how to live ours?
The high rises and condo's they live in? Now there's an eyesore!

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