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Originally Posted by bljones View Post
I'll say it in plain english, since in an effort to be gentle and non-confrontational I must have been too obscure in the post that started all of this-
If canning interests YOU, Why not learn to can YOURSELF instead of "making the wife" learn, or are you too chauvinist to do "the wife's" work?

If you found that antagonistic, consider why. Then consider what constitutes getting along. If ignoring chauvinistic demeaning statements like yours is "getting along", I'll pass, thanks.
My husband told me about this comment and "made" me come take a look. Okay, he didn't really make me. I wanted to see if there really was someone defending my honor and the honor of women everywhere.

bljones, before you go on the attack, take into consideration that you have no idea what type of person my husband is, or that I am, for that matter. Just because he used the word "make" doesn't mean he was going to make me do anything.

I like to cook. I have been wanting to learn how to can food, and I have expressed this to Tom. Tom, being the gentleman that he is, was going to tell me about this thread so that I could come here and read the comments people were making about canning.

And btw, I frequently "make" my husband brew coffee for me, and I "make" him cook lunch for me, and I "make" him check the water and oil in my vehicle. Actually, just kidding. I don't make him. I ask him nicely, and he does it.

He and I do a lot of things for each other, and if he inadvertently used the word "make," then that's what it was: an inadvertence.

I hope he does "make" me figure out how to can because I'm in charge of cooking and I really want to learn how to do it before we go, or I'm going to feel guilty. He's in charge of all the things I can't do, such as engine repair, etc. It's the least I can do is put me in charge of cooking and cleaning and canning.

Don't take this stuff so seriously. You might hurt yourself.
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