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Re: Hunter 28.5 1985 buy or not to buy

I owned a H 28.5 named Red Dog sailed it all over the place on Lake Erie, heads to small for room to sit but that's it. After a while I hated the V berth set up. The boat sails well to it's PHRF number will out point most all boats in it's class. Cast iron keel, rusts knock off the rust and just paint it every year. We lived on ours every weekend did a weeks vacation over all was a good boat. I would look at the J 30, I now have a J 29 and LOVE the J 29. J 30 is 30/seconds a mile faster then the H 28.5 the J 30 is by far a superior built boat. It will out sail the H 28.5 all day. Say your needing to sail a 1000 miles and with the J 30 you can average 2 knots faster. So were taking 1000 miles dividing it by 4 knots for the H 28.5 and we get 250 hours. In the J 30 were doing 6 knots and dividing it by 1000 miles and we do the same trip in 84 hours less. Now lets throw in that the J 30 will plain and the H 28.5 will not and we can average 1 knot fast over the same 1000 miles and we now knock another 23 hours off the same trip so were now 4 1/2 days faster. The J 30 is 6 inches wider a little longer has better resale value and is a great boat. There is a reason why J Boats has such a loyal following there great boats. Ive owned 3 J 29's (Long story) we got out of sailing for a year and my wife was the one who wanted us to buy another boat. She said, I don't care what boat we buy as long as it's a J Boat. WOW what wife says that? Hunters tend to have allot of free-board the distance between the deck and the water. The 28.5 has 8 inches more freeboard then the J 30 and 12 inches more then the J 29 what this translates into is when the boat is heeled on the H 28.5 it will feel like it is going to roll over and then the Toe Rails gets wet your heeled quite a bit and it feels like your 15 feet off the water and for some it's rather unsettling. On our J 29 my wife would not even notice we have the toe rail in the water because the boat is so wide and has such less freeboard. So take a good look at the J 30 and if possible sail on the H 28.5 then sail on a J 30 or similar type boat. So much of the time people look at just the interior of a boat and don't pay much attention to how a boat sail's. The boats Hunter build now seem to be more focused being a condo rather then a sailboat. But the H 28.5,H31,H34,H35.5 and the 37.5 are boats with some nice lines.



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