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What’s in a name?

That which we call ‘Windbag’ by any other name would be as sweet….. (apologies to Mr. Shakespeare!)

Deciding to get a new boat; searching for the ‘one’; inspecting; haggling; budgeting; waiting for the survey: these are all the easy parts of the new to you boat buying process.

The hard part is coming up with the right name for your new vessel.

We, my wife and I, brainstormed and came up with about 75 potential names. Mine tended to be based more on traditional or historical lines such as ‘Griffon’ (the first ship to explore the Great Lakes) or mythological names. I included some names translated from other languages – especially Algonquin names as I have an affinity for the First Nations people. Being a Chef I also suggested some culinary focused ideas: ‘Mise En Place’ (‘everything in its place’) and so on. My wife’s ideas reflected her business (finance) with names such as ‘Tacks Evasion’, ‘After Tacks’ etc.

Once we had arrived at the 75 names we then each took the list and tossed out the names that we could not live with. When we came back together and compared our new lists we found that our list contained 25 potential names.

The next step was for each of us to list the top ten names of the 25 that were left. We figured that we should arrive at a winner. This was an incorrect assumption! We found that we didn’t agree on any of the top ten!

Now my wife and I have been together for about 30 years. We get along really well. One of the reasons that that we get along so well is that we came to the understanding that our brains seem to function in complete opposition. One is hot, the other cold; one goes left, the other right; one likes asparagus, the other Brussel sprouts. You get the picture.

So we were back at square one: no boat name!

Time is getting tight. The survey should be done in 3 – 4 weeks. Once that’s done we’ve got to remove the old name, wax, apply anti-fouling and paint the new name before launch – which I hope will happen in early May.

This past weekend we were sitting down watching some documentary or other when on the screen appeared an incredible animal, one that is high on my bucket list of animals I would love to see in the wild. It is graceful, very unique and in complete control in the water. It also has a pretty cool name: Sea Dragon.

My wife and I looked at each other and shared one of those very rare moments of thinking the same thought. We had hit upon the name!

I’ve dusted off John Vigor’s renaming ceremony and am ready for the service.

Now that the hard part is behind us we’ve just got to get through the relatively simple process of learning how to sail a bigger boat.

Can’t wait.

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