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Re: Full or fin keel?

PAULO, Thanks for responding. Your arguments are good but, in my opinion, they leave something very important out. COMFORT Certainly this is relative but it is easily the breaking point for many cruisers. Myself included. The 38 foot boat that the designers want people to buy instead of a heavy 32 footer will not have the same motion comfort. This is only one example of a hundred: On a delivery return from Hawaii on a very modern 46 foot high performance, racer/cruiser, We were pounding so horribly that we had to slow the boat way down and move much farther off course. We were 4 human beings and wanted to live. In the exact same conditions a boat like a Westsail 42/43, which is much heavier would have continued right on course, with a VMG exceeding that of the fast 46 footer. Yes, I agree, the racing crew would probably have just hung on for another 800 miles until things improved.
I do not accept that the designers should be telling me what I want. Concerning the smaller sizes of long distance voyaging boats, the modern designs are falling way short of of their promise. The theory is good but it doesnít work out. I have yet to see it. If a boat has just the right Shape for a given displacement, then that same boat has the wrong shape when its displacement was altered because of the necessary stores and equipment for long range voyaging. This is, of course, Much more true of the smaller boats.
At this point in this post I offer one more disagreement with your comments. SPEED I must ask you, how much faster is that modern 38 footer going to be going than the heavy 32 footer that the designers want us to buy? (donít forget to store the dinghy on that 38 footer) In my opinion, and I have sailed both, the real world answer is, very little, IF at all.
Just one more subject: STRENGTH Yes, technology can handle that problem. But the manufacturers are not. Where I live it is not uncommon to get a little twisted when maneuvering against the wind and current. When the heavy boat hits the dock. The dock may break. When the light weight modern boat hits the dock there is frequently a hole left in the hull. S*** happens.
Full vs. fin keel? On the smaller boats the better designers will use what is the best.

JEFFH, I have not read all 5418 of your posts but I have read Many. I think I like that last one the best. Thanks
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