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Re: Tips For Compound, Polish & Wax

Originally Posted by Tafa View Post

Hereís the sequence which Iím thinking to follow, based on MaineSailís suggestions,

1- Clean the hull with FSR or similar
2- Wet sand with 1000 grit
3- Apply rubbing compound
4- Re-paint the stripes (is sanding required after applying rubbing compound?)
5- Finesse It or similar
6- Wax
7- Apply signs (stickies)
8- Paint bottom

My questions are;
- Does the above sequence seem correct? If not what you would recommend?
- From this horrible picture, can you tell how severe is the oxidation (Hopefully I can post some close up pics by Monday)
- Is sanding required after applying rubbing compound? (for re-painting stripes)
- How can I figure out what kind of material the stripes painted with?
- Would that be OK If I take loooong breaks after completing each step (breaks up to one week). (Boat stays 80 Km away from my place and I can visit her max 2-3 times a week) In other words does it get oxidized again if I leave it for a week after I sand it?
- Is it ok to put sticky signs after waxing? If not when it should be done?
- Whatís the best way/material to remove previously painted (with enamel I guess) signs on the hull?

Many thanks in advance for your help,

Take my advice with a grain of salt because I knew nothing before starting with MaineSail's guide.

1. I'm not sure about you needing FSR. I paid $19 for a small bottle of On & Off from WM and it was a total waste. I'd put in on the hull as directed, wait 60 seconds, then rinse it off, and I'd have dirt left over that could be wiped with a finger. If I then used a towel to wipe it, it would be clean, but the towel functioned the same way without the expensive On & Off. I think that stuff is probably intended for big rust stains etc. that would resist other cleaners. What I ended up doing was just using some Simple Green and a rag to clean the hull before starting with the compounding.

4. I'm not sure how things change when you involve painting. I was wanting to change the colors of my stripes too but I decided against the added complication.

6 & 7. I think it would make more sense to apply the decal and then wax. That way the vinyl is sticking to the clean hull instead of a temporary surfacing.

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