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Info. for Guests Aboard

Having folks aboard who have varying ideas and knowledge about sailing seems to present some problems. I would like to put together an actual list of things a captain should tell anyone coming aboard so that he's at least made his/her friends and family aware of the dangers of sailing, what they need to bring with them, and also to make them aware of what happens on a sailboat so they can at least stay out of the way and not be overly terrified when the boat heels over. Things like : Don't stand up and get in the way of the boom, etc... A quick Sailing 101 sheet that could be emailed to potential passengers might be really helpful.

Below is a list of things to start:

Suggestions for Sailing Trip

Space is crucial. Room only for essential items.
Frugality is the key idea- food, water, light, cooking, toilet, etc. Everything is in exact supply.
Please read the head instructions.: "leave no traceJ"
A completely different mindset is required offshore, paying attention 100% of the time, planning every move ahead, wasting nothing. The results of minor errors ashore can be life threatening at sea. Always watch the weather and as they say, "Don't turn your back on the sea."
Turn water pump elec. switch off immediately after use. Use the wrist band.
Things dropped overboard are GONE. Plan how to handle any item over or near the water.
Tie everything down or put where secure , inside and out. Things will fly around if not secured.
Don't guess as to position or course. Know position at all times if at helm, especially when near shore, reefs, inlets. Inattention WILL bite you.
One hand to the boat, one hand to yourself. Never go up on deck when sailing without being tethered. It's the stupid little trip that will send you overboard as the boat sails on its merry way. This is probably the biggest danger on a sailboat.

IF SOMEONE GOES OVERBOARD KEEP YOUR EYES GLUED TO HIM/HER. Hit the MOB button twice on GPS unit IF you can, without taking eyes off person in water. Put the LIFESLING in and circle boat until person has the lifering then stop boat and haul in.

Items to bring

PFD- a good one (ESSENTIAL)
Harness and tether (ESSENTIAL offshore) I have one extra single tether.
One medium duffel (pref. waterproof- drybags are good) of clothes. No hard suitcases or anything that can't be stuffed somewhere. A plastic bag for unthinkably dirty clothes. Plan on wearing stuff lots of times before washing. Fresh water is not available for washing clothes unless near fresh water. Synthetics dry, cotton NEVER dries if salty. Baby wipes are good for a "sponge bath."
Boat shoes (or good sneakers with non-marking soles) (ESSENTIAL)
Food- dry/freeze dried/canned. PBJ. Eggs keep well. Can always find room for a few beers or wine. On long offshore trips, bread can be made onboard with flour, yeast, gluten . Remember there's limited storage. There is no refrigeration. Offshore there are no supermarkets. Inshore there are places ashore to get fresh stuff and ice.
DOP kit and maybe some band-aids, sunscreen, etc. You can really get cooked at the wheel for 8 hours on a bright day. Maybe some zinc oxide.
Reading material. Books require no electrical load, charging electronic toys is likely not possible.
Rain gear tops, bottoms and boots. You can get really cold (even in summer) standing fixed at the wheel on a rainy day. I recommend Helly Hansen (or equal) commercial rubber suits over expensive Goretex/synthetec material which quickly get soaked through. Get something a commercial fisherman would wear. (ESSENTIAL)
Fleece or wool sweater even in summer.
Sleeping bag / a sheet if itís warm. (ESSENTIAL)
Diving mask and snorkel?
I have some fishing poles on board. License for lake?
Passport and multiple copies of it as well as any other i.d. stuff you may lose.(ESSENTIAL if going to another country).
Cell phone and charger.
Cash, Traveller's Checks, credit card(s).

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