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Re: Info. for Guests Aboard

We conduct a pre-sail briefing tailored to the experience level of the guest, even if they are regulars. I developed a briefing sheet that I use as a cue during my verbal briefing. Sometimes I email it prior to departure, sometimes I simply have the guest read it. The brief is as follows:

1. Man Overboard
• If you see anyone go over the side (unintentionally), call out loudly “Man Overboard!” and point to the victim. DO NOT TAKE YOUR EYES OFF THE PERSON IN THE WATER.
• Whoever is closest to the yellow life ring should throw the ring to the person in the water. DO NOT THROW THE RING AT THE VICTIM.
• It may take a few minutes to bring the boat around, so make sure that you do not lose sight of the victim.
2. Movement Afloat
• We do not restrict movement except as weather conditions warrant. However, there may be times such as during sail changes and docking when we will call everyone aft to the cockpit.
• Children who can not swim or who are under age 10 are required to wear a life preserver when outside the cabin.
3. Alcohol
• No consumption while we’re away from the dock.
4. Fire
• We carry three fire extinguishers.
• Inside the port (left) side locker in the cockpit.
• At the foot of the companionway steps, starboard (right) side.
• In the starboard (right) hanging locker (closet) across from the head (bathroom)
• Point the extinguisher at the BASE of the fire and pull the trigger.
5. Life Preservers
• We carry 6 adult and 2 child life preservers.
• Four adult preservers are located in the Lazarette hatch behind the wheel.
• Two adult and 2 child preservers are located in the hanging locker in the Head (Bathroom).
6. Bilge Pumps
• A manual Bilge pump is located on the port (left) side to the left of the steering wheel near the floor. The handle is located under the second step of the companionway steps. The handle inserted in the hole on the pump.
• An automatic bilge pump is located in the bilge.
7. Distress Signals
• We carry handheld and aerial flares. NEVER POINT A FLARE AT ANYONE. They are located in the chart table.
8. Swimming
• If you are not comfortable swimming in deep water, Use a Life Jacket! It’s not wimpy!
• We trail a float about 30 feet behind the boat. Under no circumstances should you be farther from the boat than the float.
• We maintain a “lifeguard” in the boat at all times while someone is in the water. Under no circumstances, should VICTORIA be un-attended
• Weather conditions change rapidly. We may curtail swimming if the conditions change.

First Aid
1. First Aid Kit Location
• A Red Cross First-aid kit is located in the cabinet in the Head. Small first aid items are also located in the head.
2. Jelly Fish Sting Treatment
• Vinegar is stored in the galley. Soak a paper towel & apply. It will still sting, but not as bad.

1. Radio
• Located in the sliding cabinet at the chart table on the starboard (right) side of the boat.
• To make a distress call, tune the radio to Channel 16 and call “St. Inegoes (“In-knee-goes”) Coast Guard, St. Inegoes Coast Guard, this the sailing vessel VICTORIA.” When the Coast Guard responds, state the nature of the emergency clearly and calmly. You will be directed to switch to another channel (usually 68). After switching, call the Coast Guard again.
2. Engine
• VICTORIA has a diesel engine. To start,
• Push the handle on the right side of the wheel all the way forward.
• Push in the red SHUTOFF handle beneath the key switch in the starboard (right) side Lazarette hatch.
• Turn the key located inside the starboard (right) hatch behind the wheel, to the right.
• Push the START button.
• If the engine does not start, turn the key to the right, push the pre-heat button for 30 seconds (to pre-heat the injectors), and push the start button at the same time.
• Adjust the engine to about 1000 RPM and shift the transmission into forward by pushing DOWN on the handle on the left side of the wheel. Pull the handle UP for reverse. Remember “BACK – UP”
3. Sails
• Tremendous tension is placed on all lines. NEVER rest your hand on a line that is under tension. Ask Vicky what can happen.
• NEVER wrap a line around your hand when pulling on it.
• Except for rare occasions, jib sheets (the ones that lead to the front sail) should always be wrapped around a winch (looks like a silver can located on each side of the cockpit).
4. Head (Toilet)
• Do not be uncomfortable. Use the head.
• To flush, pull the lever near the handle to the “Flush” position and pump the handle 10-20 times. Dry the bowl by pushing the lever to the “Dry” position and pumping until dry. If it is difficult to pump, hold the lever down while pumping dry.
• Please do not out anything into the head other than toilet tissue.
• Fresh water faucets are in the head and galley. A foot pump is located on the floor near each faucet.

Sabre 38 "Victoria"

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