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Re: Catch Moon, Venus, Jupiter--great show up there

Originally Posted by Rockter View Post
In high summer, Uranus is also a good target.
Neptune is a real challenge, even through my best scopes.
I have never seen Neptune for sure.
This far north (57 deg), Neptune is very low in the sky.
It should be visible for you, with a good scope. May just look like a star. I first saw Neptune in the late 70's from northern Nova Scotia (not as far north as you) with my 6 inch reflector telescope. I looked over a period weeks and could see it move against the background stars; before computers, using Guy Ottowell's Astronomical Calendar. It was quite high in the sky at that time and location.

I've seen it much more easily several times here in Maine, with a 20 inch reflector and the help of computers to know where it is, not to aim the scope. I believe it is getting higher, i.e., moving into a higher - for the north -area of the ecliptic.

A couple years ago it was near Uranus and it was easy to see both of them. Uranus has been moving ahead since then. Right now, both are too near (apparently) the sun to see either. I believe Neptune's opposition is in late August, which is when I've seen it here in Maine.
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