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Re: Looking at buying a Discovery 47'

Originally Posted by Jgbrown View Post
Thank you! Can you give me a rough break down of those costs? Where do the 10s of thousands come from? Labor? Parts? Materials?
If it's materials that's a problem. Parts less so, and labor not so much, with the exception of engine or electrical repairs, though I can likely get some help for the basics on those as well.

The usage during the first 4-5 years will be pretty light, it'll mostly stay in dock. A bit of coastal sailing, practicing under

The owner says he average 1-1.1 gph under power. Anything less than a 3 day trip under heavy cloud cover and they don't burn any diesel for electricity either.

How can you check if it was Airex cored, the owner said it was a balsa core for his?

If anyone knows of any other boats in the Co-op for sale I'm all ears, I don't want to get too much tunnel vision, but she sure looked nicely taken care of.
Here's some examples - even cheap sails will start at around $5K each, you could easily spend $8K EACH for deluxe ones. Fuel at $500 a fill, at least $500 for bottom paint - just the cans of paint. Hauling for bottom maintenance, probably $300 each way. $1 a MINUTE for pressure washing the bottom and that boat will take a hour to do properly. Probably $800+ for time on the hard. You have the ongoing costs for parking it at the Co-Op - with the City charges you'll be paying $5K or so, not counting the amortization of the buy in. Replacing running rigging will run $1.50 a foot for each of the lines - in low tech line. A single snap shackle for a boat that size will eat most of $100.

Shall I continue?

One thing to remember is that sailboats tend to eat money irregularly, but in big chunks - you can go for several years on a set of sails but then you need a couple of new ones - goodbye $10K - $15K. You may go several years spending very little on the engine - just fuel, oil & filters but then you need to do your stuffing box and cutless bearing, maybe a new shaft if it has been badly scored - $$$$$. Damage a prop with some floating debris - $500 to $3K+ depending on your prop. I don't know how the boat is outfitted but things like water heaters, hot air furnaces, refrigeration etc. get very expensive when they break, which they do a lot more frequently than home versions. You have to provide your own water pumps - the city doesn't pressurize the water for you - and they are troublesome critters.

These are only some examples, not an exhaustive list but I think you see how things can add up quickly. There is ALWAYS something that needs doing on a boat and it's ALWAYS more expensive than expected, usually 2 or 3 times more.

I don't want to scare you off but I think you would be well advised to dial back on the size of boat you are considering starting with. A 40' boat will probably cost little more than 1/2 as much to operate as that monster you are looking at - it is a very big 47' boat.

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