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Re: Looking at buying a Discovery 47'

Originally Posted by mitiempo View Post
Royal Victoria only has a lift for the dry sailed small racers. You would have to haul at Canoe Cove or Westport in Sidney.

I think it is a great boat - but I think you are looking at it with rose coloured glasses and not seeing the future costs. Even if everything is fine now your budget will not let you keep it in the condition it is in. Often seen is the boat that someone could afford to buy or finance and then they could not afford to keep them in the condition they are accustomed to - and then years later they are for sale at a huge discount and needing lots of work and replacement.

How often should the bottom be cleaned/washed? Every 2 years works around here with divers to check and replace zincs and scrub in between hauling.
I can't thank you guys enough for being patient and providing so much info. I'm still ignorant, but at least I am starting to figure out how little I know about what's involved. That is a reasonable assumption, all I've got to go on are SWAGs and what the PO of the boat told me in terms of costs.

I've got no issues working underwater, zinc replacement /scrubbing etc shouldn't be an issue. Would that be on a 6 month or yearly check/clean?

I remember as a kid wandering under much bigger boats there on land there mostly because of the time they knocked the mast off of one with the crane. Is that all gone now? That was close to 20 years ago I suppose.

I just realized my math was off in the previous post. 5.50x52 does not equal 575.

If I were to go smaller(for arguments sake a 40' as suggested) would all operation costs actually be halved? For example sails would be 2500-4000$ instead of 5-8? Diesel engine overhauling be 50% of cost, repacking the coupling 50% cheaper, fuel consumption of .5 gph? Hauling out 50% cheaper as well?

I'm trying to get an accurate picture so I can make a good choice. Having no experience I'm certainly in no position to argue the costs involved, I just want to nail down some rough numbers I can work with, you all have far more experience than me.

What would you say would be a reasonable yearly budget for maintenance for it?

What about for a 40'?

I have a suspicion that some of the involved costs are fixed, and others similar regardless of the size difference. That's based on experience with land vehicles though.

Basically if a 40' is 50% or less all in(or a 35 is) then I should go that route and have it to myself. Otherwise having someone else contributing to the effort/expenses on the bigger boat makes more sense to me.

2200$-550$ with more living space is a better deal than 1700$/mo for a boat that won't go offshore later, moored in an area where everything costs extra and ending up even closer in expenses. I did a rough tally of the costs for a 40' at heather marina, and it came out close to 1700$/mo, assuming up front costs of 60, 000 for the boat.

Are there any other areas you would recommend looking, or other boats currently for sale that would allow living aboard, and transition well to long distances later for sale right now in the area?

What about alternative hull materials?(ferrocement, steel)

I've confirmed the rough financing end of things, looks like I'll be paying around 3.2% on whatever the end investment is.
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