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Originally Posted by Faster View Post
Epoxy coating is not an antifoulant.. the bottom paint goes on top of that so whether a hull has been coated is immaterial to the use/frequency of antifouling paint. It's a preventative measure for osmotic blisters on the hull. 2 years between major haulouts is doable esp if you can keep up inbetween with scrubs and cleans.

Avoid ferro boats.. steel boats can be OK but again you need to be very careful that they've been properly built and maintained. (one old Folkes 37 in our marina was being scrubbed after sitting as a liveaboard for years, she had 3" of mussels everywhere. Luckily a travel lift was close by because at one point the diver scraped off a patch and opened up a thumb sized hole in the steel - can you say 'glug glug'?)

Good steel boats come at a premium, not a bargain, with additional upkeep and watchfulness required. Aluminum is similar but with different issues, and wood boats are another thing altogether. In your situation a well found fiberglass boat will be the best choice.

Your need to liveaboard in Vancouver complicates things a lot. The co-op route is probably the best one. Heather has limited space, as does Pier 32. Fishermans Floats no longer sanctions new liveaboards.

As expensive as the cost of living in Vancouver is, living aboard (legally and conveniently) is not 'cheap' either.

I see. No matter what, anything is more expensive than my current place. I've never really had any interest in owning a condo here. I had been considering the land equivalent to sneak a board with a truck conversion or living on a boat. Both are things I've always wanted to do.
I have seen references and arguments between hard bottom paints and wearing paints such as copper based ones.
what is considered a hard paint?

I'm totally open to alternatives, if that is the better route. I'm trying to get an idea of where the savings are and how much they'd be now. Do you know any other coop boats for sale? or any decent live aboard situations?

what other factors come into play on a steel hull? Im assuming higher maintenance due to risk of rust etc.

Same question for ferrocement, I hadn't seen any decent condition ones for sale with a slip, but I was curious about them.
Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post

Are you truly looking for advice or for affirmation concerning your decision. The advice you are getting so far has been sound advice. This is quite a chunk of boat to bite off for your first boat. Using it as a liveaboard will set up a different scenerio than just dropping the dock lines and taking her out for a cruise.

There are many things to consider here. Lets take maintainence for example Take just one....which one of your helpers will build design and fabricate new sails for instance. The expense for a 40 footer vs a 47 footer for sails is much geater. Your $3000 a year budget wouldnt even buy you one new sail.

I applaud you for reaching out to others with experience in boating and living aboard, but listeneing without challanging their comments or suggestio0ns appears to be a challenge.

Sorry if it appears that way, I am seeking clarification and further understanding not disagreeing. They have experience, I have none.

the one factor different in my situation vs living aboard in another city is the off boat costs.
Outside the coop double the moorage fees per foot(12 vs6), start requiring pumping out instead (requires payment and fuel to move).
Add 100 a month for city fees and 550a month extra since costs aren't shared.

Extra costs for shop access, parking etc all add up too. the savings since I won't be sharing, and living outside the coop looks to add up to 1000$ more a month.

On the other hand I'll save 400to 500a month in mortgage costs on a less expensive boat.

If the savings on the smaller boat account for the difference over time then my choice is easy. I am trying to see where those savings are. Even very rough figures would be very helpful. Can you help me with that? What would your estimate of operating costs on a 40 vs the 47 be?

if no other factors had to be accounted for I would be looking to go as small as possible that would still have standing headroom and be safe off shore later.

Do you know of any small boats with live aboard moorage in Vancouver? Or any advice on where to look. I've only come across one. Asking 90k. Only 6 more months of moorage too.
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