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Re: no discharge zones

this sort of thing happens nearly every day in some industrialized river that flows into the chesapeake. the pump out at my marina happens to go into this very sewage system, which has had 5 such multi day spills over the winter. I truly don't care about how you deal with your 'sewage', but it is the governments totally cavalier approach to gigantic municipal spills versus the "board my boat with machine guns and make sure the twisty tie is in place on my y valve and check that the placards are appropriately displayed" approach the local DEP types take to boats that fries my ass. MD needs to get its municipal and governmental house in order before fining and harassing boaters for what would be at best a 'drop in the (honey) bucket" compared to what washington, baltimore and norfolk do to the bay every day with impunity- they're too big to fail" . keep your sewage on your boat till it explodes for all I care - but don't fool yourself that your sweet 'green' thoughtfulness is 'making a difference' unless you're are the only occupant of some confined pristine harbor with no marine life that is metabolizing proteins into nitrogenous excretions.
So what are you proposing here...we all dump intp the Bay?????? Two wrongs do not make a right.

I get it we should fine the crap (sic) out of the utility????So where would you be next...standing in yelling about your utility rates going up...

I actually agree with your comments about the government and policing the spills HOWEVER there is no way I agree the solution is to leave the boaters alone and to go amuck with not controlling their waste tanks.

Barry L who commented above lives on the LI Sound where they have a much better control of both boaters waste and spuills it appears. It also seems like the people whon live there support the keeping of the waters clean much more than the boaters on the Chesapeake who choose to rail and point out all the spills rather than take responsibility for their individual part in keeping the waters clean. I have no patience for the whiners who do not take care of their own boats sewage and do not do what is LEGALLY required of them. The boaters on the LI SOUND and their communities have free pump out boats and take a much more proactive approach to this problem.

Stop whining and complaining and propose a solution to the problem. Do not link another part of the solution to the problem (boaters) as it obfuscates and dilutes the point you are making.

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