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Re: no discharge zones

I'm not saying that you (emphasis you) should dump your sewage into the bay. However, I am- just re-routing it to the patapsco river by our so called "pump out" system. After fermenting it for a week or so in a 'MSD' holding tank. I'm not saying boats should dump sewage willy-nilly- great salt pond on block island is a very different place now with no-discharge than it was 20 years ago, but please, EPA just apply 'no-discharge' sensibly, and not just as a gesture to make americans feel that the authorities are doing their job- "see, they're getting those baaaad boaters under control, they must be doing a good job. Pollution is on the run!"

to reroute my sewage is fine, and I am happy to do so- but for us to proclaim that this is 'saving the bay' is folly, but proclaim it we do. I just want some attention paid and policing applied to the major polluters who get away with it because 'they would have to revise the entire baltimore sewage system"

I had to revise the sewage system on my boat multiple times, why shouldn't they? not to mention getting some real value and many construction jobs out of our tax money, rather than repeated 'studies' of the problem and paying unemployment to unfortunate people who can't find construction work.

I lived on long island sound for many years, and the only thing that 'cleaned it up' a (a rather large exaggeration- New York still dumps garbage just offshore and beaches in southern CT are covered with tampons and syringes) was the construction of modern sewage treatment plants in bridgeport, new haven, and new london, which had previously dumped sewage into the sound in amounts that daily exceeded all the conceivable boat flushes possible (see above math, but worse- those sound plants didn't do it a few times a month, like baltimore, but daily.

The enforcement of these regulations borders on the absurd. We were boarded and fined for having the "sewage placard not prominently displayed" (it was behind the companionway steps) -in a race. by so called environmental police with M-16s. It's this focus on rich boaters rather than the real polluters is what I am calling ridiculous, and if you don't think that it is, then I have no hope for you. Don't paint your boat's bottom with antifouling- fines coming. (carefully neglecting fact that fouled bottoms increase your 'carbon footprint'). Copper? take a look at the composition of salt water sometime. plenty of copper there.Has even been proposals to extract heavy metals from seawater instead of mining them.
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