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Re: Full or fin keel?

Yeah but is the state of the art really any better than it was 30 years ago?....aside from weather input is the question...I think ....Perhaps..a big reason these racers and others go out in these lighter beamy boats since what... the early 80's... is mostly due to satellites stuck in the sky in the mid 70's that could finally show a storm and transmit data so that these lighter faster beamy boats can get to the weak corner of the storm...There..I said it...I think that it's the weather and other tech input more than anything since the 70's that gives "state of the art" race teams and their weather teams on dirt a decent chance to outrun bad weather that the race designers felt safe enuff to come up with these type boats and the commericial hunterbenelina designers followed...I think that's ones said it till now...but playing devil's advocate.......I think that that's their ace in the hole...their speed...but meanwhile much of the time...,they are pounding and difficult on race crews if raced...or plodding and weather-windowed if cruised and overburdened with gear...which may well cancel their speed vs. the weather edge...just some that rumpled some feathers...thats one of my theories for awhile and I'm throwing it out there because I am not seeing any other advantage to new designs aside from materials and weather/nav tech and I've thought on it for awhile...the new boats are merely taking advantage of the state of the art of meteorology , not yacht design...though some progress has been made it's been more materials/tech than some new over-arching philosophy of beamy and light is better...Who other than the hardcore big-ballers would really go to sea in those type boats with say 1960's weather forecasting...truly brave mariners...with iron stomachs...Polynesians and others did it..but that was along time ago...

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