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Re: Full or fin keel?

Originally Posted by souljour2000 View Post
Yeah but is the state of the art really any better than it was 30 years ago?..
Of course, like in cars, airplanes and everything else. New materials, new knowledge is continually integrated in boat, car, airplane or motorcycle design.

Originally Posted by GBurton View Post
Those are a lot of assumptions.

I already have the boat with the characteristics that I want. For probably less than the cost of Bruce Farrs consulting fee. Not to mention the cost to build the boat.

His interpretation of what makes a good cruising boat may be different than mine.

Its not hard to understand.
A Naval Architect, or an any Architect for that matter, does not design accordingly with his personal point of view.

Farr would not have made a cruising boat to you according to his personal view or criteria but according with your view.

The Criteria is yours he would just find the better materials and the better hull and keel design to accomplish what you want.

As he know a lot more than you he would be able to design a boat that you would find perfect but a boat that would incorporate all the hydrodynamics knowledge and advantages of modern materials, he would do you a state of the art boat in what concerns the satisfaction of your needs, including sea motion but would make you a much better and faster boat that any old boat, even if one of your design Criteria would be that the boat looked like a classic boat.

If he could not do that he would not be a good NA and Bruce Farr is one of the best.

Just to explain myself better regarding what Architects do, a little story:

Some years ago a rich German come to me, recommended by another client and asked me if I could do him a "Romantic house". I said sure and then passed some weeks understanding what was for him and his wife a "Romantic House". When I understood what was "Romantic" for them I designed a house that they both loved, a "Romantic house", but a modern house in what regards building materials, construction functionality and easy of living.

He thinks that house is a perfect house and he even think that If I could (it is a huge house) I would live in one like that. Of course, he could not be more wrong


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