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Re: Full or fin keel?

As I attempted to say, maybe some agreed, one can get any style of boat designed, be it a fin or full keel to do what one wants. BUT, as pointed out, one needs to look at disp to disp. SO I looked up to known ocean goers that would be somewhat equal to my Jeanneau arcadia that is listed at 6200 lbs. A Dana 24 7200lbs and a Flicka at 5000-5500.

The SA/Disp of the flicka at was 12-1, with what I could tell was no ability to increase Upwind SA via a 155 or equal. The dana was a bit better at 15.x -1, potential to increase, but not easy. My Arcadia, base is 18-1, with a 155 I am at 25-1.

Bal disp, the flicka and mine are around 32%, the dana 40%. BUT, who is to say at my 5.5' draft that my 32% is worst or better or on par with the dana, probably better than the flicka. With out cranking some numbers......swag on my part.

Reality is, any of these with much more than about 2000 lbs of gear people etc is going to be hard on it for a longer trip! At least, if one hits the proverbial doldrums, my boat can have more power per lb/ton of wt than either of the others, along with a mast that is 40' off the water, vs low 30' range for the dana, and maybe 30' for the flicka. So if any higher than the waterline winds are there, I'm may still moving.

My WL is longer than either boat in length. Being as WL will help contribute some lessening of motion per say in some conditions, other worst, ALL boats have a wave length if one will that will be on par with another of equal lbs if that is what one is using to compare. Capsize ratios seem to go up higher the longer the boat vs shorter boats of equal disp etc.

With PHRF ratings of about 40 secs slower for the dana, and just over 2 min a mile for the flicka than my boat. A 1000 mile passage will take approx 11 hrs longer with the dana, and 33 hrs longer with the flicka. assuming I did the math correct. I would bet it could be longer yet! being as PHRF secs a mile difference do not always add up correct at the end of the day. Using 80% of hull speed to go 1000 miles, the flicka is 222 hrs, dana 204, arcadia 186. More than PHRF differences. Potentially up to 1 and 2 days more for those boats.

If one could hit some downwind work, with my being able to surf, and have over 900# of SA with a spin, the other two do not list, It could be upwards of 2 and 4 days quicker for my boat to do the 1000 miles. 80% speed is 4.5, 4.95 and 5.36 knots for these boats.

At the end of the day tho, we need a boat that will work for us as individuals. how we sail, where we sail etc.

Designers current and last boats that I know of. Farr used to sail a Laser 28 and F1020, both of his designs. Not sure what he sails now. Daniel Andrieu(sp) has a Jeanneau Sunfast 3200 for him and his family. Finot, has a similar style of boat to the SF3200, but a higher tech material for lack of better term for his personal and his design built by that company. Tony Castro has a 40'ish foot boat that is on par with an Alerion or Morris M series, but it has more of an open ocean interior, but older style with a very modern under body fin keel! the latter three sail there boats from the UK to France etc. Certainly some open water than can get interesting to say the least.

Bob Perry, while he does not sail one of his own boats, it is from what I can tell, on par with my boat, but a bit shorter, also a european built IIRC. His cruisers are not generally speaking full keels, more of a moderate fin, so they can be quick!

Most of us want something that is fun to sail, maneuverable, safe, has storage for our personal needs, and a design that works for where we sail! For some, maybe a full keel, other a bildge, some a centerboard ala Finot's boat, others a fin keel! some twin rudders, some the end, does the boat make your heart spin! as a good women, or man if that is your choice will. There is no right or wrong to keel type per say. Only what you think will work best for you. I'll take a fin, CB, moderate fin to a full keel in that order!


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