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Re: Full or fin keel?

Originally Posted by pvajko View Post
Well, Paolo, I (the forum engine) quoted that from your own post, click on the little arrow in the quote box and you'll see.

But we seem to be talking about two different things. I'm talking about your tripping over the keel scenario where you seemed to say that the beamy, fin keel boat will slip sideways rather than roll over. That is, I think in contradiction with what Jeff said (today's fin keel boats have better dampening than full keels) because if a fin keel as at least as good dampening as a full keel, I can not see why would it slip more easily sideways, but again, I may be wrong here.
I am sorry.Yes, regards that quote it seems to be some confusion. When I read what you have posted :

"Now, if a fin keel allows the boat to "rotate much easily" as you say, then how can it have a "much higher dampening moment" at the same time?.."

I interpreted “rotate much easily” as a referring to a roll movement.

When I said that I was referring to rotating not on a horizontal axis (roll ) but on a vertical one. That has to do with the lesser resistance a much smaller underwater area will provide and also to the shape of that area: A long one along all the hull, in the case of the full keel and a central vertical one in the case of the Fin or foil keel.

It is clear that would be much more easier to make the fin keel to rotate around its keel than the full keel boat.

Everybody that tried to turn around on a marina or in a tight spot a full keel boat and a fin boat will know of what I am talking about.


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