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Re: Meat & Potato Man

I've been canning meat for 3 decades, no problem. Fill the jar a half inch down from the top. If it is venison, add enough apple juice to fill the air voids. Screw the lid on finger tight, too tight and you break the jar. Put them in your canner, put the lid and a 17 lb rocker on and cook it, with the rocker rocking for 1 1/2 hours. Let cool naturally let the lids pop in, then remove the jars and do another load.
When using them, when you pop the lid, listen for the vacuum breaking. No Vacuum? Dump it overboard. If there is a vacuum , cook it for minimum 15 minutes in an open fry pan. That neutralizes any botulism. If it had food poisoning , there would be no vacuum, as that produces gas.
Vacuum plus 15 minutes cooking covers both possibilities, Perfectly safe.
Any broken jars usually means you screwed the lid on too tight. Throw away the contents of any broken jars, as they may have glass bits in it.
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