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Re: Full or fin keel?

Either way to look at a comparison, but it wt vs wt, or length vs length, You will probably get a figure/act to work in you favor. I'm sure I could take my boat compare it to a full keel of the same 28' deck length, it would weight in some 3-4K lbs more, the comfort ratio would be higher due to the higher wt. Just as generally speaking, a longer boat of the same disp is usually better at a comfort ratio than a smaller boat.

The issue skygazer is talking about, occurs on bulb keels, but not other non bulb keels, be them fins, full, centerboard or bilge keeps. The issue is the bulb! On the otherhand, I doubt a bulb with all chain rode is going to have the same issues as a line rode anchor system either. Again, comparing two things that are not the same, in which, either way you look at it, you can get or not get the answer you are looking for.

Anchor sizing seems to be another hot topic, as is mast head vs fractional rigs, altho not as hot as the keel or anchor. Sail cloths seems to also kick up a small storm to a degree too.

At the end of the day, does the boat suit your needs, and how you sail. With options I have today, I would not want a full keel in the salish sea where I sail, as I would never get to sail many days of the year, unless it had a BIG rig on it. When it is under 5-7 knots, one needs a mid 20-1 SA/disp to make the thing move! Not to mention, the thing turns like an aircraft carrier, so for the how I sail, a fin is better than full. If I went offshore, I would still take a fin, altho maybe a bit longer, still a deeper one. Saw a Hunter with a shoal draft the other day in some uper teen winds. he was going nowhere fast, was not pointing as high as the T-bird or US30 that went flying by him! Along with him going sideways more! Then again, race crews are usually better setup than a cruiser. Even after the sails came down, he was not moving with the motor agains everything too fast.


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