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Greetings from the Great white north as some call it “Canada”
Kathy and I have been living aboard since the mid 90’s and will call this winter my last at least up here. We will go south next year. But now on to winterizing. The ice here is thick enough to measure it with a yard stick. We walk on it, play hockey on it and some times park a car on it when we fish through it. Around the boats we use agitators to keep the water moving up from the bottom that prevents the boats from being lock frozen in. we also surround the boats with a log boom to stop the ice from moving against the hull . Most of us cover the deck with a plastic shrink wrap the keep the snow off, that provides us with a mud room for a cockpit to take off out coats and boots before entering below. Inboard I use electric heaters for most of our heating needs and have a propane furnace for those days when the power fails or when the temperature really drops….. come to think of it the power fails and the temperature drops at the same times… fancy that?? I pump antifreeze through the engine raw water system to protect it and close the valve. we also disconnect from the city water and use internal tanks. I will need to fill then usually every month but I do it when the weather permits. My plumbing has frozen inside where the pipes come to close to the hull and I try to lift it off the hull but that isn’t always possible. We just make sure the coffee maker is full the night before the pipes usually thaws out in 24 hours. there are 50 or more boats of different styles and sizes here for the winter its like a village we all know each other and watch each other water line so to speak. The only thing missing is our own Legion Hall (V.F.W. hall for our southern readers). Its cozy and comfortable I can’t see us moving into a house apartment again for quit some time. We have all the comforts of home ..come to think it .. it is home.. for those who would use antifreeze of any color I would make one suggestion in the drinkable water system use Vodka . I discovered the practice by accident one year while storing on the hard . I had forgotten to get a bottle of antifreeze for the potable water system and not being able to return in time I looked around for a reasonable substitute. In my liquor cupboard was a full bottle of Vodka. I disconnected the hose from the tank and using a funnel poured the contents in. ran the pump till I had Vodka coming out of each tap (hick) and left for the winter. The spring came and I had a party to help flush out the system. Lots of fun and no harm to the system better yet I didn't have to flush the tanks out to get rid of that antifreeze taste. I don't recommend it for the engine.
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