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Re: hf radio modified marine or modified ham

Originally Posted by N0NJY View Post
There's a very simply answer to all of this.

Get a ham license to operate in the ham bands.

Get your HF license to operate on your boat in the marine frequencies.

(And you do this with your own country)

Then purchase a rig that is built for operations in both bands.

If you're trying to save money, then that's the best, cheapest and most legal way to do things. If you are in the US and break the laws they can, and will, fine you up to something like 10,000 US dollars for every breach of the law they find you have made.

By the way, in the US Hams CAN legally modify marine equipment to operate in the ham bands without any type acceptance or any of that stuff. In fact, hams can legally modify pretty much anything INTO the ham bands.

They can't modify it OUT of the ham bands.
This is a very informative thread!

So after reading it, if I wanted a low cost radio (under $500?) capable of Marine and HAM operation (and of course were to obtain a valid HAM license therefore) in the US, does anyone have any recommendations for a radio designed to operate in both bands?

I realize I am not the typical user of this forum, but my application would be for occaisonal use on my trailer boat (Marine of course) and occaisonal use in my truck (HAM of course for land based use on trail rides, hunting emergency communication, etc). My installation would have to be carefully considered for easy removal back and forth. If for reasons I haven't yet learned this is illogical or simply not cost effective, that's fine to point out as well.

I don't NEED a radio for either really, but like the idea for several reasons and feel I could more easily justify picking up the equipment, hobby, and knowledge if I could combine use cases.

Thanks for any input...

Alex (engineer and potential future radio hobbyist)

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