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Re: NZ/UK national buying older yacht in the USA

Originally Posted by milesinnz View Post
So you didn't have to leave US waters within the 30 days to then re-enter and then getting a longer stay cruising visa?
No I did not, just applied for the cruising permit and my dereg cert and bill of sale was enough BUT this a grey area and the rules are sometimes applied in different ways by different sets of officials. In my case the problem could have been solved by a visit to the BVI.

Originally Posted by milesinnz View Post

Do you know what the regulations are for departing US waters? I think there is some form you should get which is needed for the country you will be entering - like Mexico? I read on these pages of someone having their yacht impounded because they did not have this bit of paper when they entered Mexico. Are there differences between a US yacht departing and a foreign registered yacht departing?

Funny, my old yacht in the UK is up for sale and it is stated as having some osmosis yet it was a 1981 hull and I put two part epoxy below the water line. I contacted the broker and he put it down to having spent the last 7 years in fresh water.

Yes, I see some amazing deals in the US...


NOONSITE is the best source here see CLICKY

Yes you must have the ZARPE which is the clearance from your last port.

This is common throughout most of the Caribbean although the penalties for not having it are not always so serious.

On arrival you need to be organised and collect lots of bits of expensive paper.

This list is from noonsite NOTE the fishing licence!

On entering Mexico, a Temporary Import Permit (TIP) must be obtained. This can be done at instruccionesIITV_ing These Permits are now entered onto a national database and are cancelled when a bost leaves the country.

The TIP also allows replacement parts to be imported duty free. Although this can be subject to different interpretation by customs officials. There is a guideline for obtaining the clearance documents required to bring in parts at SUSPENDIDO - Account Suspended.

Necessary Current Documents when sailing to Mexico:- you'll want to have the current documents and paperwork - — both the originals and about five copies. 1) The original of your vessel documentation — with current stamp — or state registration. 2) Passports for the entire crew. 3) Proof of Insurance — mostly only required by marinas. 4) Fishing Permits — even if you're just carrying fishing gear. 5) Mexican Tourist Cards — pick them up at your first port. 6) Crew List 7) Notorized permission letter for children who are minors if they are not accompanied by both their parents. 8) Letter of Authorization if a captain is to be left in charge of the boat.

Each person on board must have a fishing licence if such tackle is carried on board. Spot checks are made, and simply having fishing tackle on board is considered by the Mexican authorities sufficient reason to need a licence. The cost ranges from US$100 for a day to an annual licence costing about US$500 (2011).

The licences can be obtained online at SUSPENDIDO - Account Suspended or Official Fishing Permits / Best Baja Fishing or from the Mexican Fisheries Department, 2550 5th Street, San Diego, California 92103-6622, USA or on arrival from the local Fisheries Department.

Last updated October 2010.
As you can see visiting Mexico is a bit of a PITA in comparison to most of the Caribbean.

Also sometimes some of these sorts of problems can be solved with a small gift to a suitable charity of the officials choice. However unless cruisers understand what is expected they may miss the signals. Ask around for advice from other cruising boats. I know in other south american countries a lot of the problems vanish when you employ an agent to deal with the paperwork. However I have not heard this said of Mexico.

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