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Re: Full or fin keel?

Originally Posted by Daily Alice View Post
casey1999, thanks for your information. Yes it would be a matter of good luck, really (I do have a place to stay in Honolulu, which matters). I am considering CA also.

On the full/fin question, I wonder if Paul Lutus (at the point, year two in his circumnavigation, 1988-90, likely deemed capable) voyaging in a 31' PS Mariah is correct in his observations, such as:

(Midway from Hilo to the Marquesas, March 29, Day 7, 12.d N/149.d W): "It just occurred to me that this passage would be unbearable in anything but a full-keel heavy boat like this one. It's bad enough listening to the bashing the bow is taking, and having one rail in the water about a quarter of the time. I can hardly imagine what it would feel like in a fast, lightweight boat with a fin keel. No wonder cruising sailors discourage use of this route" (p. 43)

(Tahiti to Darwin, Day 5, June 23): "The crossing has been very enjoyable so far. The wind has been favorable, speeds high, and I get to talk to my friends every day. We are comparing positions as we go. "Take Two" is a modern lightweight German-built racing boat with a longer waterline than mine, but they haven't been able to catch up -- mostly because their boat becomes too uncomfortable during high speeds and rough conditions. So to avoid seasickness they reduce their speed" (p. 69)

Could someone suggest a fin keel boat of the same approximate length (31'), which would not suffer as Lutus suggests in the conditions he reports? I realize the descriptions are not that specific, some imagination or speculation is required. Does Lutus raise some practical and relevant matters? His observations echo some of those in recent posts, above.

PS His book, "Confessions of a Long-Distance sailor" is available for free here. Worthwhile, IMHO.
You seem to have learned a lot for someone that says it is very inexperienced and seems also to know what kind of boat you prefer. If you are not a troll and are really inexperienced go out and sail in as many boats as you can and you will find out what is the type that fits you.

The voyage that you say you want to do is not for an inexperienced sailor. Get some really experience first.

Regarding the best type of boat you have to have a budget first. You keep talking about a 31ft. Generally a bigger boat is more seaworthy and also more comfortable, I mean if your budget is not too tight maybe you can avoid some old type of sailing boat that is seaworthy but slow.

Regarding cruising and speed a good way to have an Idea is to go to the ARC page and look through the years for the different type of boats and for their passage times. Full keel heavy boats are always a lot slower than more modern boats and normally there are a relation between the age of the boat and speed (for the same type of boats).

You can also see also that almost anybody is using full keel boats for cruising offshore and unless you consider that they are all inexperienced sailors or masochists you should consider that overwhelming piece of information regarding the type of boat more suited for cruising.

Enjoy the search :
(don't consider corrected time but real time)



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