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Re: This is getting really old, really quick

Originally Posted by bljones View Post
Faster, I'm gonna work really hard at not being offended by your answer.

This is the only sailing forum I frequent with this kind of issue.
This is the only forum of any type that I frequent, with this kind of issue.
This has been an ongoing issue for as long as I have been here.
This is the first time I have brought it up.
Instead of "we're working on it," or "thanks for bringing it up" or "yeah, we know, it's ongoing, any ideas?"
I get "Have another cup of coffee."

Unfair to to even think about slamming Fast. Unfair and out of line. Mate, if you even need to think about not being offended by that line then you probably do need to have another cup.

Reality is that at certain times Mod/Admin presence is limited particularly around holiday periods and yes sometimes it does take a few hours for Spam to be erradicated. In this latest instance , all down to a single spammer, 24 posts were made in a very short period of time and all within the last 4 - 13 hours and all by now deleted and users banned. Unfortunately in this instance the spammer slipped in between my going off line last evening and Fast coming on line this morning (my time). Jeff obviously wasn't around earlier as he normally would be. Had Jeff H been here the spam would have been deleted even earlier.

It is obvious in reality however that security needs tightening, it always does and it always will. After the last software upgrade which included better screening of new users, spam did drop off but it now appears to be increasing again, albeit in this last instance all down to one spammer. MaineSail offered a suggestions for improved security , it will be discussed and if admin agrees then implemented.

While you suggest that as a commercial site SailNet should get on top of this more efficiently surely you can understand that the forums are managed largely by the Mods who are unpaid volunteers. We see a reported post, we see a spammer in action then we do something about it but there are those occasions when for various reasons, holidays as mentioned above being one of them, that a mod is not online 24 hours a day and even when on line if Spam goes unreported it make take time for us to see it.

In this instance I don't know exactly when the spam was first reported (some time last night my time) but I do note that of those 24 spam posts only five of them were reported, three by the same person.

To you Jonesy in particular , to anyone in general, if you see spam you have two options. The easy one is simply report the post and that will come to a Mod's attention quickly enough but it is subject to how often we check our mail. Slightly more time consuming perhaps, but you could also fire off a message to the mods which is likely to be seen a wee bit sooner.


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