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Re: Tips For Compound, Polish & Wax

Mike Borrelli called me in response to my email. The following is my take on what he told me. I promised him I would send a link to this thread so he could come on this forum and correct my quotations and add some clarification to his article in Soundings.
I don't know MaineSail very well but I suspect he will welcome some other expert comments. We have all benefited greatly from RC's generous help.

What I learned from Mike is that gel-coat and Algrip are targeting two very different audiences.
On the one hand you have one audience that wants a durable finish that can last a lifetime and look good. This is the gel-coat people.
On the other hand you have the people who want the ultimate see your nose hair in the reflection shine for as long as possible, these are the Algrip people.

And yes RC he agreed that people that take good care of their Algrip can get 15 to 20 years out of it. As proof of the superior shine that can be expected from paint he referenced the new boats that come out of the mold with gelcoat but are painted before leaving the factory. These are super high-end boats.

He was adamant however that an old gel coated boat that was heavily oxidized and sanded, compounded, polished then waxed would at the end of year start to loose the shine.

Now RC gave me an idea of how to reconcile the two different expert comments.
I suspect that Mike does most of his work for very demanding clients and his jobs cost perhaps well over 10 to 30 thousand dollars maybe much more.
A gel-coat refurb job is never going to be perfect on a 30 year old boat. There will be dings and scratches that will not compound out and the patch color will never match perfectly and as MS said the labor to do the final polish will be significant.
If after the second year the deepness of the shine fades even a little bit that will add even more insult. For these customers Mike can give them a guaranteed 10 year job, 15 to twenty if they take care of it and the color and shine and everything will be perfect for at least 10 years.
For these customers that makes sense.
He also mentioned that on darker colors he clear-coats so in case of a ding he can do a repair that doesn't show, another benefit.

For those of us who don't mind an extra weekend or two polishing our boat and 98% of the boat looks like 100% for the first year and maybe 90% for a few years after that the restore process makes our boat look awesome and costs only maybe a hundred bucks in supplies.

I will send this to Mike and see what he has to say.
And of course we are all interested in what Maine Sail has to say.

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