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Re: Wow! Them's expensive slips!!

I understand the economics of the costs of getting a slip transient or otherwise.
It's expensive to maintain ,insure,and operate a waterfront operation.
That's a simple truth that cannot be overlooked.
And, that is why I HAVE to anchor , or my cruising excursions would be very short trips !
I try not to begrudge those that can afford or just prefer to utilize the fine services offerred by marinas and the like. But from my perspective it just is beyond my means.
Simply put, I'm way too poor to dock while in transit.
From my perspective it seems foolish to pay the equivilant of the cost of a hotel room
to sleep aboard in my own bed and sheets !
Although I certainly wouldn't stop those of means or desire from doing so.
As for the areas that are restricting or eliminating anchoring altogether, I guess I won't be spending any time in those locations. I can't afford to.
Having spoken w/ many an old salt along the way these revelations are nothing new to the "budget" minded sailor.
As one area becomes too pricy another is discovered and on and on. THe chalenge for the newer cruisers/sailors is finding out where the "new" places are.
St. Augustine,fl is a perfect example of this phenomenon . The "new" anchorage is apparently just to the north of the Vilano bridge and just south of the 312 bridge.
All the "red Herring" issues of derilect vessels,proper anchoring,waste and garbage disposal,dinghy landings and such have not been eliminated or addressed , mearly shifted to another area out of the sight,sound and current jurisdiction of those who hold the authority and financial clout to impact them.
So, If I choose-to-cruise I require anchorage and that requirement will dictate ,to a large extent, where I cruise ,provision,and enjoy sailing.

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