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Re: 1500 W 12V Real Sine Wave Inverters?

Originally Posted by hellosailor View Post
I'd have to go with the 2kW model, as putting 1200 on the 1kW model on a regular basis is at least on paper not a good idea.

And then again, Xantrex seems to think their Xantrex XPower 1500 will run all the same stuff--with great faith in their modified sine wave. Anyone seen a wave trace of that to see just how close it comes?
We've used Xantrex MSW inverters for years (two 10,000W DRs, stacked) for our house & cabinet shop. The waveform of most MSW inverters is pretty crude (roughly three steps per pi/2 radians), but very few items seem to care. We run all normal kitchen appliances, a deep well pump, fluorescent lighting, and a shop full of big 240VAC tools.

Things that theoretically don't like MSW power: compressors and pumps (which start under load); mid-range electronics panels (anything with a blue LCD readout) like modern washing machines; some digital clocks; raster televisions.

Computers scrub their power. LCD screens don't show horizontal lines. Motors may draw a little more current & run hotter, but otherwise are fine. We had one digital clock run fast (but two others are accurate), and our Kidde smoke alarms read the MSW as voltage spikes, tried to clamp it, and nearly burned the house down.

Otherwise, we've been very happy with our MSW inverters.

BTW, even True (or pure) Sine Wave inverters aren't. A static solid-state device cannot produce the smooth curves of a rotating armature. TSWs simply make more, smaller steps that closely simulate utility power. Typically around 24 or 48 steps per pi/2, rather than 3 for MSW. I'd advise talking to someone who has MSW on their boat, driving loads similar in size and type to what you plan, & see if MSW has worked for them. The cost savings can be hundreds, or even thousands for larger inverters. The only TSW inverters on the market when we built our system that would handle big tools driven for 12 hrs a day would have cost ~$4000 more (for two) than our Xantrex DRs. Which are simple, yes, but also v. robust.

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