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Looking to buy C21-many keel questions

Hello All,
I am looking to buy my first ever sailboat. I have found (but not seen personally) a 1973 C21 that looks in terrific shape.

It sounds like a great first time boat. I will be doing lake sailing and am 'upper' (cough cough) 40's and will probably sail it singlehanded.

But honestly, after reading what I can find on the web, the keel work needed is somewhat daunting and perhaps beyond my skill level. If I understand it correctly, to lower the keel;
  • The winch sits on top of a board and between the seats in the cockpit.
  • You crank down the keel GENTLY so it doesnt fall and crack the hull (really??) or fracture the hinge.
  • Go below and insert a pin (into where?) to lock it in a down position. Is that really needed?
  • Go back up. Unfasten the cable from the winch (?) and secure it (somewhere).
  • Remove the winch and board and place it below.
  • Cover up the keel slot with another board?
  • Reverse it to trailor.

Then the keel itself seems to present so many problems:
  • What is it made of? Iron will rust right?
  • What shape is the pivot pin in? How do you even see it to tell?
  • Is the cable fastened to the keel securely? What happens if the cable breaks? How is it fastened to the keel.
  • Should the pin be used if the keel is down? Seems like I have read YES ALWAYS put it in and then NO DONT put it in.
Sorry for all the question and non-correctly terminology but I was really ready to buy it but now I am unsure even what to look for or ask when I go see it.

Any advice or pictures would be great. i have read the Cal21 Keel thread and have a better understanding but sometimes the terminology twisted me up.

Thanks in advance.
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