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Re: 1500 W 12V Real Sine Wave Inverters?

No, really, I've had the pleasure to meet topologists. Square is square, got those nice neat 90-degree corners and uniform trace lengths. Sine isn't. If you push around the lines on a square wave, you get modified square wave. If you make the picture "fuzzy" and somehow you can blur the lines into something that looks like a sine wave--you get modified sine wave. You can do that, the same way you can make a digital version of analog music, by chopping it up into time slices and approximating the curves.

But modified square wave doesn't do that. No matter how much your squint, it never looks "sinish".

And the folks who push it as MSW, also keep muttering vague mystical spells about how important TSW is. At the same time.

Kinda like a florist trying to convince me a bouquet of roses really SHOULD come with all that fresh manure still clinging to the bottom of the bouquet, you know?

I DO hear you, about MSW working so well. And I suspect the old unit I barely remember was plain square wave, not even modified. Still, real sine wave shouldn't be impossible at a lower price point. I think some of the "no name" brands are probably doing this perfectly well, while the branded players are simply making a much larger profit on their true sine wave products.

If I find a modified version, with a good return policy...maybe I will take the chance.
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