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Re: A blue water sailer that can go in light winds

Originally Posted by Daily Alice View Post
Wow, after reading this thread I feel both enlightened and confused -- confused as to what I've been enlightened about.

There is a message I get from the "new, awesome, fast fun, performance" clan that is depressing for me, because from them I realize all older boats are outmoded and pigs, and I need to spend something north of $100K and also get drunk at boat shows, neither of which are in my remit. So Paulo, for instance, what about some good used boats that are a good balance of factors, and under say $90K? I realize this may not be your interest, but can you indulge me?

I am sorry if I gave you that impression I mean that all old boats are pigs. Believe me I don't think that. I believe that modern boats are overall better than older boats but that does not mean that old boats are pigs.

Some where very advanced for their time and are still good boats, like the Vailant 40 or the Farr 38, just to give you examples of two different types of boats. Off course if you compare the Farr 38 to a modern Xp 38 or a Grand Soleil 39 I would have to say the modern boat is better, the same if you compare a Vailant with a Najad 410. That is natural, many years separates those designs and in meantime the materials and the design knowledge have evolved.

You ask me to give you an opinion. That is a tricky thing to do because as you have understood there are very different opinions about what is a boat that has a "good balance of factors" for about 100K.

I would point you two boats from the same designer both remarkably good and modern boats for their design time, an older one from 1988, the Benetau 411 and a more modern one, the Benetau 37, from 2007.

The Benetau 37 you can only have them from 2007 but one thing is the asking price other the sell price. I guess with time you can get one by about 100K.

2006 Beneteau (Sail) Boats For Sale

The Beneteau 411 will be easier to get by that money.

Of course this is my idea of an overall well balanced boat by that price. Others will have different ideas



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